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AfroEliteDating: We asked Ben and Brenda what made them join AfroEliteDating?

Brenda: The site was recommended by my friend, it‘s the best thing she’s done for me. I had a boyfriend few years’ back but he cheated on me and since then I gave up on love until I met Ben here on AfroEliteDating. He’s so caring and he understands my situation and trust issues. He loves me for who I am and I love him for who he is.

Ben: One night after a busy day I decided to look around on the net for a girlfriend. I’d had a few bad experiences with online dating but I decided to try one more time. I Googled online and found AfroEliteDating.com. I decided to give it a go. I’m glad I did because I met my soul mate, the lady I really care about.

AfroEliteDating: We asked them what they’re planning for the future?

Brenda: I’m not sure (answered with a smile). I love Ben so I will let him answer that.

Ben: As Brenda and I live in two different parts of the world we need to plan how we can live together. We’ve visited each other many times now and now‘s the time to start the process to be able to live together. We both have careers so we’ve got some planning to do but to be together is everything and we can work out the rest.

AfroEliteDating: What advice will you give other people who are looking for their soul mates online?

Ben: Don’t give up. Online dating can be daunting but be patient and stay positive, you may eventually find the partner of your dreams as I have. Brenda and myself would like to thank AfroEliteDating. We were so lucky to find each other so we are very grateful. Thanks again.

AfroEliteDating: We wish Ben & Brenda all the best on their dating journey.


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We can't thank you enough at Afro Elite Dating for helping us to find each other. We both live in Texas but there's no way we could have bumped into each other. It took only a few chats to know we have so much in common.

Sarah said: 'When I registered on your website I wasn't sure if it was a great idea or not but then the second day I logged in I saw that Jamie had winked at me; so politely I accepted and we started chatting. I ran out of credit so I couldn't chat or read the messages but luckily Jamie had enough credit and he transferred some to me and we chatted for almost all night. I just believe this is the start of greater things for both of us. Finding love it's not as easy nowadays so when you meet someone who makes you happy it's something to be thankful for. Again, thanks you AfroEliteDating'.


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Katie says: I had been single for almost 2 years, I'd spent most of my time focussing on my career so I didn't have a lot of time to meet new people or socialise much. Then one afternoon whilst having lunch with a friend she suggested I might try online dating. I had never tried it before and had actually avoided it, but she got me thinking... So when I got home, I told myself why not have a look into it. I knew what kind of man I needed, so I researched websites and after a few disappointing experiences I finally found Afro Elite Dating, a site that looked trustworthy and sincere, so I gave it a go.

After registering I immediately started receiving good matches and suggestions and after being very careful and selective one of them turned out to be exactly the one I had been looking for; a good looking, intelligent and charming man. From our initial winks things developed and we went on from there chatting and spending lots of evenings using the on-site video service to really get to know and trust each other. Before I knew it we had our first date! Now I feel so lucky to have him as part of my life.

Michael says: I received a wink and match notification by email one day which really intrigued me. That evening after work I logged into my Afro Elite Dating account, and reviewed Katie's profile and saw that she really was the woman of my dreams. Once we had seen each other on video chatting, I was hooked. The rest is history.

So we asked them for tips for other users:

Michael said; Dating on-line requires patience as there are so many beautiful women to choose from, but they may not turn out to be 'the one', so you need to be serious and hold on for the right one. Consider the suggested matches, review profiles and when you're sure you like what you see start chatting and video messaging live as I did with Katie.

Katie said; Dating on-line was not my thing. I always get interest in my daily life but I could never find the kind of guy I wanted so I took a chance and I found my boyfriend Michael here. I would say don't be too nervous but also don't be too gullible. If its meant to be it will be, just take your time and don't rush. Use the video chat when you think you've found one with potential and in seeing each other online then you'll know. The live video chatting service is everything. Me and Michael spent most nights on it so by the time we met for our first date it felt like we already knew each other. Now we have a serious relationship. Who knows where it may lead!


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Thank you Afro Elite Dating for helping us find each other. Mel is a wonderful person and I'm so glad we met. She is my soul-mate and from our first date we have been everywhere together. We've already had a great time on holiday together and we're planning to move in together.

Mel says; Your matching system worked really well for us, as we are both in the medical profession and love travelling. It's so nice to be able to share our ideas and travel together. I know I found my soul mate. We're planning a future together. We'll keep you updated. Thanks again, Mel

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