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The Afro Elite Dating Guide to staying safe while dating online


The majority of the time the people you meet online and in person are genuine, but for safety reasons it is always preferable to apply caution and be aware of potential sophisticated online fraud.

AfroEliteDating is a website and mobile platform and App for serious Users, Members and / or Subscribers who are strictly single and looking for a genuine love relationship and not solely for the purposes of financial gain. Most users who join our online dating service have genuine intentions to find the partner of their dreams. However we cannot account for some exceptions where individual member’s intentions are not so genuine. The unscrupulous may attempt to take advantage of members and thus we need to make sure as much as possible that all Users are fully informed against such people who might try to ruin the online experience of our Members.

AfroEliteDating takes very seriously such in-genuine Members and takes measures to exclude them by checking and verifying all Members. We attempt to fully check each profile to identify and exclude scammers and fake accounts. However some individuals and groups may try repeatedly to overcome our vetting techniques and so we also expect and require that all genuine Members be responsible to also check for online safety themselves and be aware and savvy to the clues and tells that can be applied to spot them and stop them in their tracks. This is done by stopping contact and by reporting them to us for investigation.

Our platform includes advanced systems such as video messaging which helps you see for yourselves whether a potential member is as genuine as they purport to be. Use common sense and listen to any clues that don’t add up. Do they match their online profile they used to join the platform? Do the things they say match up? In recognition of the determination of the less scrupulous in society who may wish to defraud Members out of money or to endanger them, here are some additional tips that you can use to help confirm for yourself the authenticity of a profile and protect yourself against danger or financial fraud.

1. Does it match up?

Once you have found someone you like, stick with that person, make notes and watch out for information presented that just doesn’t match up. Take the signs seriously, take action and cut off contact immediately and report. Follow your instincts and follow the facts. As much as you might like them, they may be too good to be true. For instance if your prospective partner is says they are a full-time medical student but then it turns out in conversation that they work full-time somewhere else then alarm bells should start ringing, or perhaps it is their aspiration? Be clear and try to get to the truth. If they get angry or upset at your questions it may be a sign that they are trying to hide something.

If someone says they really like you but are never available online when they said they would be or will not video chat but only use the text messaging until you send them money it is very possible that they are not even the person or of the sex / gender that they are purporting to be. On other platforms it has been found that some members are trying to extort money and are not at all the person they are pretending to be. They may soon ask for money using lies such as needing money to buy a new phone because theirs is broken and that’s why they can’t video chat with you. This is where AfroEliteDating has the added security advantage of having it’s own video messaging for members. Always pay for Membership and use the platform facilities for your protection. Do not chat outside of the platform, because this is where the danger lies. They may say that they or a family member are sick to get your sympathy or say they have nothing to eat in the fridge in the hope that you will feel that you have to prove your affections by sending them money to help. But they may be taking advantage of your kindness and it may turn out that you are sending money not to your female sweetheart but to a gang of confidence tricksters that are in fact men! If in doubt, take action and block that contact.

2. No need to share your personal information

Remember that your platform keeps your personal information secret from other members and at no time should you have to share your personal contact information such as email address or telephone / WhatsApp contact number. It is very normal to feel excited to be chatting with what seems to be your perfect partner at last, but we have to remember that you don’t yet really know the person and cannot trust them fully yet. It is better to be safe than sorry. You don’t have to prove you care about someone by sending them money or sharing your personal details with them. If they do not understand this it is a sign that they do not genuinely care about you. You don’t have to fall head-over-heals to show someone that you are serious about them. If it is meant to be it will be, and if right this will happen naturally and without too much effort. If they are making you struggle and feel frustrated, because they need something from you to progress in the relationship it is a sure sign that something is in-genuine somewhere and it is time to close the chat and report the User immediately for the benefit of other Users.

If they require that you to get over some financial barrier with them first in order to progress with the relationship then this is clearly a financial trap. They have survived until now without having been sent money so why is there such a desperate need now? It is clear that the only reason they joined was to find money in this case. This is the modus operandi of the con-artist who manipulates the unaware. You never have to prove you love them by doing anything and sending money is not a form of kindness or charity in this case, 99% of the time it is falling for a con.

Sharing personal contact details is something that we can never take back. NEVER give your home address regardless of the feelings of trust you might have for them. Even if we feel 100% sure and even decide to send a financial present by Western Union (strictly not recommended) we should remove our now personal details from the Western Union proof of transaction receipt that we might offer.

If we are a single parent we should never show pictures of our children to strangers or give their true names or ages. It is really no-ones business until we are super sure we are safe to do so after meeting safely and really getting to know that person. We always feel that we should trust especially when we are falling in head-over-heels but we must follow these rules as some Users apply special techniques to fool us, defraud us or even endanger us. The responsibility is firmly in your own hands as the final protection against the non-genuine User.

Only ever proceed in exchanging any personal information when you feel comfortable in doing so. Another technique of the unscrupulous and the con-artist is to use anger, temper and dismissiveness towards you when you refuse to do something for them and perhaps to reward you when you capitulate. If your partner is excessively demanding it can be a warning sign. Beware of Users who ask for your private email and send you links to external websites as this is often the clearest indication of an attempt of phishing for your personal data. Therefore as always the safest way of communicating is via our own platform and the best way to proceed until you really get to know and trust for yourself the individual well. If you intend to meet in person, do it in a public place and do not take lifts. Be cautious but not cynical and don’t be easily led.

3. Requests for money transfer!

Never agree to send or receive ANY form of financial payment, instead cease all contact immediately and report the profile using this link: Contact Us. There can be no genuine reason to send money to someone you have never met as sincere and genuine as it might seem for your prospective partner to request this. This is usually fraud and steeling by the unscrupulous. Some international gangs are set up solely to extort money from dating site Members. Where some dating sites do not offer inclusive video chatting these attempts to extort via text messaging are rife. At the same time other nationals from such identified countries are completely genuine. It is your own responsibility to ensure your own safety on our platform as we cannot be held in any way responsible for any loss of finances or for any danger to our Users / Members and / or Subscribers.

For more information regarding romance scams please click the link below: Action Fraud’s advice on how to avoid online romance scams. Romance Scams Advice

4. Take it slowly

Though we might feel that we have fallen head-over-heels so soon we must remember to test the water again and again. Only when you feel un-rushed and completely comfortable to deepen your relationship with a potential partner should you ever consider providing your mobile phone number and only when you feel entirely safe and sure to do so. Never feel pressured and if they do not understand this is a tell and sign that something is wrong. They should understand that you value yourself and are indeed a person of value. If they do not take your wishes into account it is best to not contact them further.

5. Meeting in a safe place

After a long period of chatting online and video communication via our AfroEliteDating platform your first meeting should a cause for excitement and happiness. Still as the person is still a stranger the following safety steps should be strongly considered:

a) Make sure you meet in a public and neutral location such as in a coffee shop or restaurant. It is not considered safe to meet at someone’s house or to invite them to yours for your first date.

b) Always tell your friends or someone you trust where you are going and whom it is that you are meeting.

c) If you have decided not to drink or not to drink over a certain amount, make sure you stop there. If at any time you feel unwell or unsafe seek the help of the coffee shop or restaurant manager or call the police and / or ask the help of those around you. Do not allow your partner who is in fact still a stranger to take you anywhere.

d) Never leave any of your personal belongings unattended and never feel that you cannot leave at any time even from the first moment of seeing the person for fear of being rude. It is better to be rude than be sorry. Above all follow your instincts and if things don’t seem right, walk away.

6. If in doubt, contact us with the details

Your online dating with AfroEliteDating should be a worry free and happy experience so if you have any concerns at all we are always pleased to hear from you to discuss your feelings with regards to any communications you have had which might be of concern to you. We are not here to tell you what you can and can’t do but to advise you of some of the methods and tells that might indicate fraud or suspect behaviour. We have a wealth of experience in online dating security so please contact us at any time if you have any fears of worries. Email our customer care department using this link: Contact Us in the first instance if you suspect any profile contains false information or if someone is behaving in a questionable manner. We take all queries and concerns seriously and will investigate those members who cause concern. We wish you all success in your dating with AfroEliteDating where we hope you will meet the partner of your dreams.


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