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Common courtesy is taken for granted on a face to face basis but we have all experienced times in daily life when people try to get away with being rude. Our online users I'm sure all subscribe to the moral norms of common courtesy in daily life but in case some users think that since these interactions are anonymous then they are not subject to common decency and courtesy here are some guidelines which should remind them to always act with responsibility and integrity online.

1. Username and accounts

When registering with AfroEliteDating, it is best to select a username that tells a little about yourself. This will appear publicly whilst your real identity is kept confidential until the time you wish to reveal it. This is for your own protection. However you will not be allowed to use wording in your username that is offensive. Profanity or sexually offensive or suggestive usernames will not be accepted. You are not allowed to register with more than one online account. Contravention of these rules will result in immediate account suspension.

2. Photos

We require that you add a photo to your profile firstly because your membership will be very unsuccessful without one. Statistics reveal that there is little interest in members without photos. We also stipulate that the image must be of yourself, must not include nudity or carry any advertising. Anything distasteful, offensive or inflammatory will lead to suspension of your account.

3. Profile information

Your profile information should not include any contact details and we will suspend your account for safety reasons as the unscrupulous do this to gain the confidence of those they wish to con out of money outside of the platform where we would be unable to help you should this occur. Please fill in all the profile information sections as only those who are not serious about genuine dating would skip over them. Give a real impression of who you are and do not deceive other members about this. Those found to contravene these rules about identity will be removed without warning.

4. Messaging and video protocol and manners

The words you use when communicating on our platform reveal a lot about you. This site is for professional and educated clients so avoid vulgar language and rudeness, it would not bode well for a relationship here. Also avoid copying and pasting general introductory messages and responses to members. This is a very obvious technique used by the ingenuine and does not score points with prospective partners.

5. Causing Offense

Anonymity for some can make it seem like it does not matter what we say to others or how it makes them feel. For them it is all too easy to lash out and hurt the feelings of other users by being rude or sharp. If things look like they might escalate immediately cut off contact with the user and report if necessary. We will investigate the member. Always remember to treat others as you would wish to be treated.

6. Avoid misunderstandings

Misinterpretation of wording, sense of humour or wit can lead to misunderstanding sometimes with some people. It is not always easy to get across what we really meant to say. We should remember to be polite to strangers and be careful not to cause offence. Remember that written messages mean can lead to confusion due to the users not seeing facial expressions. That's one of the reasons we have included online video calling as part of our service, to make it easier for members to communicate properly.

7. Personal Information

It is all too easy to give out your personal information to strangers whom you feel you trust, but it is not necessary to do so. You have to remember that you do not yet know the person and they should also understand and appreciate that your online safety comes first. Do not ever feel pressured to do so or feel the need to prove your feelings by doing so. if you were sitting across from this person on a train or in a pub, would you be so candid?

8. Privacy

It is forbidden to share other users information on third party platforms using blogs, videos or interviews gained here or without their express written consent.

9. Sex

Afro Elite Dating is not a platform for requesting sexual favours or services, it is strictly for developing genuine relationships and dating.

10. Objectionable / offensive content

We want our website to be a safe, secure, happy and positive place for adults to meet and develop meaningful relationships. As such content that threatens or which includes or pertains to aggressive, violent, racist, political, extremist, sexist or is offensive to anyone is not allowed. For those who violate the above policy We check all profiles and look out for those who don't wish to follow our policies and those found to not abide by the rules set in place to make our platform safe. We will sometime issue warnings to those we feel have made a mistake but will immediately suspend those who are clearly here for other reasons. In some cases we may take legal action against the member.


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