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Your photo is your most important chance to make a good impression so putting in a little effort can make all the difference. Since most professionals simply won’t have the time to go through all your photos, your profile photo is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Consider adding some colour with bright clothing; perhaps red since it is the colour of passion and love and has been proven to draw attention. A colourful background is also plus. Image title

Now you’ve caught their attention, the rest of your portfolio becomes the next greatest importance. Your library pics can tell a lot about you and you want to appear attractive and aspirational for them. Therefore consider what else you might have in the background. Scattered laundry or a messy room might send a negative impression to a well organised professional. Choose high quality photos which have good lighting, it makes all the difference and shows that you are taking yourself and online dating seriously. You might show what you’re particularly interested in in life and honestly shows your character.

Your background might include the sports of hobbies you love or the places that you love to spend your time. In this way people get a head start in getting to know the real you and what life might include together. You might be reading a book, listening to music on your headphones, or it might be something more outlandish. Remember your perfect other half is waiting for you and is interested in who you really are. Image title

Choosing an appropriate username

Make your username showcase you. You can begin to tell a story of who you are and your interests here for example; so instead of Tim23, you could choose something descriptive and easy to remember such as TimLovesPhotography. It also might provide some opening conversation for those who contact you.

Your username should reflect you and be:

  • Easy to remember
  • Clear
  • Appealing to the type you want to attract
  • Humorous or creative
  • Positive
Try to avoid numbers or cryptic text such as U4Me which doesn’t really tell a story.

Choosing your headline

Here is where your can express your individuality, courage or creativity. It can be anything really, a statement that rings true to you, or about you or is just funny. This is your chance to focus on the positive. Guaranteed more fun than your ex

Free 30-day trial Is feasting on chocolate whilst crossing a continent by train your idea of fun? While you’re waiting for the real Don Draper I think we’re going to need a bigger boat Ruthless uncompromising tea drinker We can just say we met at the library “The funniest guy I ever met!” says The Guardian Will work for cuddles Two things I’ve never told anyone…

Your profile should be succinct but intriguing Professionals are short of time so once you’ve won them over with your awesome, stand-out profile photos, username and headline you now need to impress them with a well-written, but short and intriguing profile.


Be yourself and thus stand out. Avoid those overworked cliches which switch people off.

Give an example your self. Examples of lifestyle give people lots of clues about the real you. It doesn’t have to be amazing, sometimes honesty it the best policy. If you love being funny, just be so.

Keywords hit the spot. Research suggests that certain words or hobbies can be either a hit or miss to for prospective partners. Consider which hobbies might show that you are creative and into personal growth and men should avoid listing “going out with friends” as a pastime.


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