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Afro Elite Dating is a premium worldwide online dating service focussed on connecting professional and educated African / Afro-Caribbean / African-American or black and white ladies and gents with each other.

Sixteen years ago I met the love of my life and the father of my two mixed boys. I'm a chartered professional Afro woman and I met my husband, a handsome white professional in the United Kingdom when I was still a university student.

The idea for a dating site for Afros and whites came one night when we met friends for dinner. I could see clearly that they admired our love, andjust before the night ended one friend asked how we met and expressedthe desire to find love as we did. ‘I wish I could find someone and be in love like you two’.

I asked him what kind of lady he might like? He said, 'I would like to meet an educated Afro woman but I don't know how to start'. I said I would try to connect him. The idea of starting the Afro Elite Dating site came to mind in order to help the right people connect and soon after Afro Elite Dating was born

We specialise in connecting genuine like-minded professional and educated people, so if you are an Afro or white lady looking for an Afro or white guy or vice versa then this service is for you. Afro Elite Dating is here to help initiate your true-love story and to help connect the right peace-loving people together to build a wonderful life. Find your perfect match, your soul mate.

We don’t accept rude behaviour, anger or hatred on our site. Members can be reported and will be investigated and their membership cancelled without refund if behaviour is questionable.

Member protection: Our online protection measures for members are two-fold involving our own and your own active participation. Security becomes enhanced through improved general wherewithal and awareness online.

Our members are genuine and we actively police and exclude those who attempt to join with dishonest motives or who have no heart for love but instead attempt to use our site for other purposes or to extort money from our honest members. In this way we stand out from our competitors who may have lower morals / less robust member selection processes and negative behaviour policing. Please see our online safety and security training which highlights unusual behaviour tells for online users applicable to all dating websites and adopt this powerful advice yourself to be extra sure you are putting your own safety and security first.

With awareness and worries aside join our site and community of genuine singles and start looking for your genuine soul mate. Enjoy!


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